We love clothes, we love small and big things for the house, we love spending for the stuff we love. More importantly though, we love value; that feeling when you know you bought something WOW at exactly the right price. 

After travelling and talking to people, we realised that despite the amazing selection of boutiques and stores we have in Cyprus, the opportunities to experience this feeling are few and far between.    

Rather than accept this, we decided to do something about it instead; we decided to create a place where purchases are worth more, all year round. And so in November 2018, Etcetera was born.


Being eclectic shoppers ourselves, just like you, we opt for exceptional purchases that combine price, quality, style and brand. We therefore decided to bring together the finest items from boutiques, stores and wholesales in Cyprus and abroad all under the same roof.

We also believe, that a great purchase is not necessarily an expensive purchase nor merely a cheap one. We are convinced that the best purchase is one that combines the right item, at the right time and at the right price. Our desire is to provide you with this opportunity over and over again; for every single item and every single time you buy from us; always making your shopping worth more.

Here, at Etcetera, we are also a company that cares. And that is fundamental to us. We care for our environment, our employees, our suppliers, our customers and our partners. We aspire and strive to be a role model business in Cyprus. 

So, even though we are an outlet retail company offering great discounts and value, rest assured that we will never have  offer or accept any discounts on our values.