Corporate Responsibility

Businesses are living organizations and, as such, we ought to respect and safeguard our existence.



Our corporate responsibility efforts do not stop on recyclable packaging. That’s not enough for us! After all, recycling is (and it should be) our last resort. Remember: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

For this reason, we make sure to ship our products with two options:


The best option: Reuse  

We have incorporated RePack© packaging as an option to deliver our products.

RePack© packaging travels all over the world for different customers and different products. Just choose RePack© option in your delivery and we ‘ll share the cost and the happiness of doing it.

How it works:

  1. We stock RePack© to meet your needs.
  2. When you make an order, please choose RePack© packaging option.
  3. We send the order to you through our channels.
  4. You receive your order
  5. Smile happily for your new, wonderful item
  6. Take a good picture of it and the RePack© packaging
  7. Post it on social media with the right tags of course (#etceteraoutlet, #etceterarocks, #greatnewclothes, #bestonlineshopever, #RePack, #etcenvironment, and more of those, as you started so good)
  8. Go to any local Post Office yellow bin or store and send it back to RePack© for FREE from anywhere in the world
  9. While leaving the Post Office residence, smile proudly for yourself. You went the extra mile for the environment
  10. Get RePack© Rewards for your next purchase


The second best option: Reuse and Recycle

 We have chosen the poly mails to be reusable, so please open them with care. In case of a return you can use the second seal to reclose them firmly.

 And again, you can follow the happy process:

  1. You receive your order
  2. Smile happily for your new, wonderful item
  3. Take a good picture of it
  4. Post it on social media with the right hashtags of course (#etceteraoutlet, #etceterarocks, #greatnewclothes, #bestonlineshopever and more of those – you are getting pretty good at it)
  5. Reuse it in any way you want (hint: make it a plant pot)
  6. Post it again on social media with the right tags (which you have mastered by now)
  7. Smile proudly for yourself, you went the extra mile for the environment!
  8. When there is absolutely no other use for it, please recycle it at the designated recycle bin.


In case you have an awesome idea of how we can make this even better for the environment, please drop us a line at info@etceteraoutlet.com . If your idea excites us, then a great surprise is waiting for you.